How We Work

‘We organize in small groups. These groups are connected in a complex interacting web that is constantly evolving as we grow and learn. We are working to build a movement that is participatory, decentralized, and inclusive.’ – from The Rebel Starter Pack

The structure of XR Durham empowers small groups to act with a lot of independence while at the same time it provides a unifying organizational container which connects the various small groups so they are able to function as a whole. This structure is laid out in the XR Durham Constitution (modeled after the constitutions of XRUK and XRNYC).

These small groups make up the XR Durham network.

Anchor Circle

The Anchor Circle is composed of two members from each working group. Its purpose is to uphold the primary goal of XR Durham – to develop Extinction Rebellion in our area. The Anchor Circle is responsible for creating working groups, for overseeing the overall function of XR Durham, and for tending to necessary work not delegated to current working groups.

Working Groups

As the name indicates, these groups are responsible for doing the work of XR Durham. To learn more about a specific working group, you can read the group’s mandate which describes its purpose and areas of responsibility or you are welcome to contact the internal coordinator of the group. The current working groups are Internal Communications, Communities and Regenerative Culture. As their work becomes more well established, other core working groups such as Media and Messaging and Actions and Strategy will be developed.

Affinity Groups and Interest Groups

Affinity Groups are direct action support groups. They are made up of at most 8-12 people and are autonomous to do the actions they want to do as long as they adhere to XR Durham’s Demands and Principles. Some affinity groups form to carry out one particular action with a short-term commitment to participating in the group. The Wombat Love Procession seen in photographs throughout this website was led by an XR Durham affinity group that formed to carry out one specific action. Other affinity groups form intending to stay together for a longer period. These long term groups provide the building blocks for creating uprisings (long-lasting, mass-movement, nonviolent direct actions) which XR sees as being necessary in order to achieve its goals.

In interest groups, people come together around shared interests. Involvement in interest groups gives people a chance to get to know each other, and developing stronger relationships within the XR Durham network serves to strengthen the group overall. Some interest groups may contribute to activities of working groups or of affinity groups. (For example, a Music and Art Interest Group might make a banner for an affinity group action.) Possible topics for interest groups are limited only by our imaginations. Anything from Biking for Brunch to Clowning for Climate could work.

Community Meetings

At XR Durham’s Community Meetings newcomers are welcomed and information is shared among the various XR Durham small groups. Some Community Meetings may focus on a particular topic or area of interest serving an educational function; others may empahsize getting to know each other and relationship building. All are intended to help XR Durham grow as a community. Community Meeting dates and locations are announced in the XR Durham newsletter.

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Footer Illustration: Forest Fire

Wombat Love ProcessionValentine’s 2020 photographs

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