Please contact XR Durham through our email address: <>. We welcome your questions and suggestions and will be glad to communicate with you about how to get involved with XR Durham.

There is a lot to be learned from exploring the offerings of different XR groups on all scales. – Includes information about local chapter events from Iceland to New Zealand. From this international XR website’s ‘About’ page: ‘Leaderless and truly global, each new branch makes the movement stronger, bringing in new perspectives, wisdom, expertise, energy and inspiration.’ – This is the website for XR United Kingdom, the group that began the Extinction Rebellion Movement. It includes links to many active and inspiring UK local groups.

Two different XR groups are currently offering leadership on a national level in the US: and provides a resource for XR local groups in North Carolina.

The Northeast Regional Support Group offers resources to support the growth of XR local groups.

Footer Illustration: Forest Fire

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