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Extinction Rebellion calls us to the streets to demand that our governments take the necessary steps to halt climate catastrophe justly and with compassion. Extinction Rebellion calls us to uprising with uncompromising non-violent discipline and wholehearted dedication to stay until the needed change is done. All that we do through XR Durham we do in answer to this call.

On September 21st the XR Durham Anchor Circle adopted a Statement of Goals for the Next Six Months. The statement calls for XR Durham to focus our work over the next six months on preparing for a state-wide non-violent mass XR action by March, 2021. The goals statement adopted by the Anchor Circle can be found here. It will take a lot of work to be ready for a spring action. We need everyone to step up and pitch in to help get our message out – We want to live! We have an outline mapping many of the key steps we need to take in order to reach our goal. The pathway from here to the spring NC XR Rebellion will become more and more clear as we create it together! Everyone is needed! No time to waste. To learn more about how you can contribute contact Anchor Circle Coordinators: Brendan (952) 239-1677 or Callie (919) 475-7786.

Red Rebels Group Forming

The Red Rebels are an iconic element in XR culture bringing a unique and compeling presence to XR events. To help out with creating Red Rebel costumes and developing an XR Durham Red Rebels group, please contact Rachel at (314)269-7734.

Chapelboro Red Rebels at the Wombat Love Procession – February 14th 2020

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Visit a Working Group

Visiting a Working Group meeting (Zoom) is a great way to get a feel for what is going on around XR Durham and to learn about opportunities to contribute. To arrange a visit or to ask for more information, please contact the Working Group’s Internal Coordinator.

Internal Communications Working Group – Rachel at (314)269-7734

Communities Working Group – Tom at (919)602-5177

Regenerative Culture Working Group – Callie at (919)475-7786

Want to Pitch In?

The Welcoming Team needs callers to contact newcomers to XR Durham. This is actually a great way for newcomers to get to know more about XR Durham while welcoming others. No need for any expertise. You will be given all of the information you need to help others start to find their way in the Rebellion. To volunteer or for more information, contact the Welcoming Team Internal Coordinator, Callie, at (919) 475-7786.

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Healing Racism Interest Group

The Healing Racism Interest Group meets every first and third Thursday of the month from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. We are currently reading How to be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi. We use the readings as a starting place for working to develop antiracist activism in our lives. Group discussions revolve around investigating the reading material and supporting eachothers antiracism work.

For more information about joining the group, contact Callie at (919) 475-7786.

Wombat Love Procession – Valentine’s 2020
XR Chapelboro Red Rebels
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Footer Illustration: Forest Fire

Wombat Love ProcessionValentine’s 2020 photographs

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