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We are at an intersection of global crises. Climate breakdown, Covid-19, racial injustice – all are symptoms of a toxic system that is driving us to extinction – a system built on economic inequality, extraction, the destruction of nature, and exploitation. We cannot carry on like this. The system is killing us.

– Extinction Rebellion UK

Wombat Love Procession – Valentine’s 2020

Extinction Rebellion (XR) began in the United Kingdom in 2018. In October of that year, 1500 people gathered in London’s Parliament Square where Extinction Rebellion announced a Declaration of Rebellion against the UK government for its failures to address the climate crisis. The series of non-violent civil disobedience actions that followed over the next few weeks effectively disrupted business as usual in London and inspired the creation of XR groups around the world.

XR Durham began meeting in the summer of 2019.

XR Durham is a part of the international Extinction Rebellion movement. We join with XR groups from 68 different countries to meet oncoming climate catastrophe with fierce and creative non-violent direct action in order to confront the forces that are stealing the future from our planet.

We reach out across all of the lines that elites have used to divide us. Together we can take back the earth for us all – beyond politics – Global South and North – Black, Brown and White.

Every step of the way, the solutions to the climate and environmental emergencies must be compassionate and fair solutions for all people.

Extinction Or Rebellion!

Climate science leaves no doubt that the earth is now moving towards environmental collapse largely as a result of climate change caused by the actions of people. Around the globe, environmental disasters such as species extinctions, flooding, drought, fire storms; mass starvation and resulting social collapse are on the increase due to the climate crisis. Governments, corporations and the media have not effectively addressed (and in many cases have actively opposed addressing) the clearly foreseeable consequences of our society’s failure to halt greenhouse gas emissions.

Without radical, immediate changes these escalating catastrophes can only increase bringing about a world wide mass extinction event similar to the one that led to the demise of the dinosaurs. Among the species whose continued existence is threatened by climate change and other human-generated environmental devastations is our own.

Extinction or Rebellion!

We choose rebellion. To stay in touch with how,

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Footer Illustration: Forest Fire

Wombat Love ProcessionValentine’s 2020 photographs